For procuring the travel insurance via internet, you have to go through the following steps:
  • Personal Information
Fill in all of the fields of the first step, check if the entered information is correct and proceed to the next step. Be noted that people aged under 1 year and over 70 years may not use the travel insurance service of IC Group. For people aged 60-65 years premium is multiplied by coefficient - 2, for people aged 66-70 the coefficient is 2.5.
  • Insurance Information
Fill in the insurance information. Be attentive to policy type, do you need single use or multi policy ?! Enter your destination, limit of liability and trip purpose.

Here you also can buy an additional service - luggage insurance. Luggage insurance premium is calculated in accordance with the number of ways, the price of a way is 5 GEL. The way is called a flight from the departure place to the destination, if you fly via any other place it is not called a way. Ex.: If you fly to New York via Munich, you have 1 way, not 2.

Don't forget to see the terms and wording.
  • Electronic Shop
Here you see what type of insurance have you ordered. You can double check your order. You also can choose items you might need during your trip, the courier will bring them together with your policy.

Don't forget to identify delivery type. If your address is not the same as you identified, please enter the address in the special field. For doing this please   un-check  the automatically checked check-box: "Address and Phone number are the same as indicated in Policy"

Note: If you're planning to buy more than 1 policy, when making a new order, you may indicate "is paid with previous order", if the previous order is not dispatched yet, you won't be charged for delivery.
  • Charging
After these 3 steps, you will be forwarded to the charging page, where you pay with your bank card. This is the last step of the procurement process. This step is absolutely secured, it is held under the plastic card processing of one of the biggest Georgian banks, this provides the maximum level of safety.

Don't forget to click "Return to webpage" button, after completing the transaction

Please present the passport to a courier or desk officer when picking up the policy!

IC Group wishes you a happy trip !