Did you know that we are the first insurance company, which offers online travel insurance to the customers?! This project was created specifically for those who love traveling, make reservation through the internet and most importantly do not want to spend more money on mediators.

Fill in simple application form, pay by credit or debit card to purchase insurance policy and use our courier delivery service.

What does IC Group Travel Insurance offer? 
IC Group Travel Insurance is fitted to the needs of a customer. You can purchase both single and multiple Travel Insurance policies.

Single Policy – the best choice when you travel abroad for the specific period of time and your traveling is not regular. Buy Single Policy for the term, for which you intend to leave the country. 

Multiple Travel Insurance Policy (Multipolicy) – will allow you to avoid unnecessary procedures and use one policy for the whole year. 

Luggage insurance – for extra just GEL 5, you can insure your luggage, and receive USD 20 per kilogram in case of its loss. (Maximum compensation of USD 500).

Insurance Coverage  Limit EURO 50 000 
Urgent hospital services  V
Urgent outpatient services  V
Ambulance services  V
Repatriation of the insured  V
Repatriation of the insured’s accompanying person V
Early return V
Additional Services  
Loss of luggage  V

What is the cost of the Travel Insurance Policy?  

The cost of the Travel Insurance Policy depends on the age of insured person, policy duration and selected countries. To find out the cost of the policy contact us on the hot line. 

Euro Tour Insurance

New product from ic group,  keep calm and cross the border
In case of border crossing failure Euro Tour Insurance policy covers:
  • Air plane tickets expenses
  • Hotel expenses                                                                   

Sum Insured  Premium
800 GEL 20 GEL
1200 GEL 25 GEL
2000 GEL 35 GEL
3000 GEL 55 GEL

What is the difference of the IC Group insurance?  
  • Simplifies conditions 
  • Expedited procedure of insurance  
What do you need to buy Travel Insurance?  

Just follow the link !